Library for handling the protocol of Gadu-Gadu, an instant messenger once popular in Poland.



libgadu is library for handling Gadu-Gadu instant messenger protocol. For a long time it was an intergral part of ekg application but due to packaging issues and use in other appliactions it became a project on its own. Proprietary protocol was reverse engineered which may make libgadu less than 100% compatible with the original.

It's important to note that the use of unofficial clients may be forbidden by the terms and conditions of Gadu-Gadu.

The library is written in C and aims to be operating system and environment independent. It works in POSIX-compliant operating systems, also BeOS and Win32 although the latter is not supported because of an official Gadu-Gadu client for that platform. It's used in terminal applications as well as GTK+ and Qt ones.

The library is released on the terms of LGPL 2.1 license which can be found in COPYING file.

Source code

Most recent version of the library:

Previous versions of the library:

Source code is available also in a GitHub repository at To download the repository the following command can be used:

git clone


There's preview (Polish only) of library documentation available generated from the source code using Doxygen. Suggestions and comments are welcome. After downloading the source code the documentation can be generated with make command run in docs directory.

Protocol description (Polish only) is also available on project's page.


Problems with the library can be reported at project's GitHub page. Previously used mailing list is no longer available.

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